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Cell Phone Cracked Screen Repair

We repair all iPhone models. If you have a broken or cracked screen / LCD, bad battery, need a new Wi-Fi antenna, camera, On / Off button, or Home button we can fix your cell phone quickly and with a 90 day guarantee.

Computer Repair - Laptops-Desktops Mac-PC

We fix Apple and PC desktop and laptop computers. Whether you need more memory, a new hard drive, virus removal, password removal, or some other computer service, we can help! We're fast, professional, experienced, and less expensive than the other guys.

iPad 1-2-3-4 - iPad Mini - iPad Air Broken Screen Repair

We service iPad 1st Generation, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, & iPad Mini units. If you need a front screen or LCD replacement, new On / Off button, new Volume button, Home button, Dock or Charging Port, a new battery, etc. we can fix your iPad so it works like new!

Game Console Repair

We repair Xbox, Sony Playstation, Nintendo, and Sega brands. We can help with RSOD (Red Screen of Death), replace your motherboard, optical drive, power supply, controller port, HDMI port, hard drive, fan, heat sink, RF module, etc.

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